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Got an Apple Watch? This One’s For You

Apple Watch users rejoice! RockMyRun is now compatible with your favorite smartwatch.

If you’re anything like us, exercising with a phone in hand feels like running in untied shoes. Something’s gonna fall, you just hope it isn’t you.

That’s why, when it comes to controlling your music, we say, “Be greedy. Be REALLY greedy.” We want you to have access to all the music and stats your heart desires – always. If we could tie your shoes for you, too, better believe we’d do it.

That’s why, from one control freak to another, we present RockMyRun for Apple Watch.

RockMyRun Apple Watch Screens

Pause, Skip, and Adjust

You can now play, pause, skip, and adjust the music tempo of any RockMyRun station directly from your Apple Watch (Note: tempo adjustment is only available to Rockstar members). Get the music you want, how you want it, when you want it and watch those PRs roll in. Even more: You can view a recap of each workout on our brand new finish screen built specifically for Apple Watch.

RockMyRun Apple Watch Screens

Get Stats Instantly

With RockMyRun for Apple Watch, you can now access an abundance of new data as you exercise. Want to check your heart rate? No problem. Want to take a quick peek at your pace or total steps? Go for it. We make it easy to shift between screens so you can get all the stats you need in a quick and easy swipe.

RockMyRun Apple Watch Heart Rate

Listen to Your Heart Rate

Ever run up a hill while listening to a song that feels slower than a sloth on a hot summer day? Or maybe you’re lifting at the gym, just to hear the tempo drop when you were ready to hit that last set? By syncing RockMyRun music to your heart rate, say sayonara to mid-workout tempo busters. We listen to your body to play the music it craves.

Ready to give it a go? Update your iPhone app now to get the latest version of RockMyRun. And most importantly, drop us a line at to let us know how you feel about these updates!

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16 thoughts on “Got an Apple Watch? This One’s For You

  1. Will the runs get logged as a workout in the activity app? I love the heart rate and pace info, but without the run counting as a workout, it’s hard for me to go all in and get a premium account.

    Great work, otherwise!! I love the app!

    • Hi Erik,

      Great question and we’re so glad to hear you’re enjoying the app! Your runs should be logged as workouts in HealthKit. All you have to do is make sure you’ve enabled HealthKit permissions in the app (you can check to make sure this is done by going to “Settings” > “Profile” from the menu and tapping “Sync with HealthKit”).

      You’ll also want to make sure you either hit Pause or Finish each time you complete a workout to ensure your data sent to HealthKit.

      Let us know if you run into any problems with this! You can get a hold of us at any time by emailing

  2. Kristen Brown on said:

    Can a playlist be downloaded to your apple watch so that your phone can be left behind or do you have to have the phone and can simply manage the play on your watch?

    • Melanie S on said:

      Same question as Kristen – curious if there’s a way to use the Save Data mode for the playlist (I’m a Rockstar member) so I don’t have to bring my phone at all. Possible?

      • Meghan_Brohoski on said:

        Hi Melanie,

        Thanks for reaching out and good question! In order to use Save Data Mode, you’ll need to have your phone on you at all times. The Apple Watch primarily serves as a tool to control the music/BPM features without pulling out your phone. Sorry about that! Let us know if you have any more questions.

  3. With the new IWatches with cellular data can you stream music with rocknyrun without your phone on you and just using your IWatch?

    • Meghan_Brohoski on said:

      Hi Chuck, as the app stands today it supports pairing with the Apple Watch but you will still need your phone present to use RockMyRun. Here’s a short video we put together explaining how to get RockMyRun set up for your AppleWatch:

      The more requests we get, the more likely we are to devote resources to support the new iWatch. I will pass this request along. Thanks!

  4. DeeDee on said:

    Just wondering if any updates had been made so that we don’t have to carry our phone when we run?! I have the cellular watch and running with no phone is so freeing!

    • Hey DeeDee! Unfortunately, Apple has blocked ALL other music services from running on the watch :(. It’s really unfair but they won’t let us, or any other company, do anything about it. If in the future they allow it, we will update so you can run free!

  5. Amy Jackson on said:

    I cannot get it to work on my apple watch

  6. Can you sync a playlist to your watch so you don’t need to be in range of your phone?

    • akontoff96 on said:

      Hi there! Ashley with RockMyRun here. While at this time we do not have that feature due to a limitation with Apple, I have gone ahead and sent your feedback to our Development Team so that we can be sure to keep this in mind for any future updates. Please feel free to contact me directly at if you have any questions! Thank you!

  7. Andrea on said:

    Hi, I would loe to see a feature that allowes me to play saved playlists on apple watch without using the iphone.

    • akontoff96 on said:

      Hi Andrea! Ashley with RockMyRun here. Unfortunately, due to a limitation with Apple, this is not possible at this time. We do understand how great it would be to have this feature and hope to be able to provide the ability to use your AppleWatch without needing to have your device near you in the future! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at You can also contact me directly at Thank you!

  8. Roberta on said:

    Do I still gave to take my iPhone with me when I run?

    • akontoff96 on said:

      Hi Roberta! Ashley here. At this time, due to a limitation with Apple, you will, unfortunately, need to take your iPhone with you when you use RockMyRun on your AppleWatch. We realize this does not provide the best experience and hope that this is something that we can change with iOS 13. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions, or contact me directly at Thank you!

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