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Data and Tracks and Filters! Oh My!

Rockstar members, rejoice! If you use RockMyRun on an Apple device, the perks you love just got even sweeter. Whether you’ve been begging for a feature that would be gentle on your data plan or the ability preview tracks before listening to a new station, you’re in for a treat. (Don’t worry, non-Rockstars, not only do you get to enjoy an improved station details screen, but we have a new feature for your enjoyment, too.) Check it out:

Save Data Mode


We get it. The moment you leave your house for a run, your signal goes from the strength of Zeus to the power of a small animal trying to break free of an aluminum prison. That’s why we’re introducing Save Data Mode for all Rockstar members. Now, before you lose your connection or sacrifice your data plan, you can enable Save Data Mode for all of your favorite stations so you never miss a beat when you need it the most. 

Preview Tracks


Next time you open the app, you’ll notice a new tab on the Station Details screen called “Tracklist.” This tab will allow Rockstar members to preview tracks before committing to a new station. Consider it a little gift of time travel from us to you. 

Universal Explicit Filter


No more hearing #@*!& when you want to be hearing :). Now, all RockMyRun users have the ability to toggle a universal explicit filter that, when toggled off, will make sure you only hear content that makes your mama proud.

Ready to rock? If you haven’t already, update your iPhone app now to get the latest version of RockMyRun and leave us a review. And most importantly, drop us a line at to let us know how you feel about these updates!


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6 thoughts on “Data and Tracks and Filters! Oh My!

  1. How long will save data keep the station in memory for? Can I run it overnight (at home with wifi!) and then listen the next day?

    • Great question, Rose! Yes, you can run it overnight using wifi and listen to the stations you enabled the next day. As long as a station displays the “Enabled” icon in your Favorites and the “Play” button is orange on the Station Details screen, you’ll be good to go. Extra tip: If you remove a station from your favorites, this will automatically disable Save Data Mode, so make sure you always keep your enabled stations in your Favorites. I hope that helps clarify things!

  2. Joanne (Josie) Ross-MacLeod on said:

    any chance Android users can get these same perks? I would love track listing and the ability to save the station in my memory so it doesnt cut in and out on my trail runs.

  3. I live in rural New England with really bad cell service. I’ve been trying to use the Save Data Mode on runs outside without WiFi and it only sometimes works. Any thoughts?

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