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Simpler, Fresher, Faster for the New Year


While every single member of the RockMyRun team has our own personal resolutions (anyone else on a workout streak?), as a team, we took New Years as an opportunity to improve RockMyRun for you.

What suggestions and requests could we fulfill? How could we make RockMyRun simpler, fresher and faster for 2016?   We spent the last 2 months of the year designing, testing and developing some changes we think you’ll like.

You can learn more about how the app has changed in this brief (but kick butt) video from our Chief Rocker, Adam. We’ve also provided a bit of a guide below.

So watch, read and take RockMyRun out for a spin by downloading the update from the App Store or Google Play.



To help make choosing the right music easier, we’ve moved to a tagging system so that you can see the characteristics of your music (like genre, mood and activity) on one screen.

Plus, all RockMyRun mixes are now linked together to form workout stations. As a free user, you’ll have access to every single station on RockMyRun.   This gives you 4x the music you had access to before! Streaming is unlimited, but you will hear interruptions and ads along the way.

As a ROCKSTAR, you can listen to all music on RockMyRun without interruptions or ads for as long your workout lasts. Streaming is unlimited, and you also have access to all of our Body Driven Music™ to personalize the music tempo to your body and your workout.

No more confusion about what you can listen to for free or what costs money!


We’ve added a personalized homepage. Now, you can find your recommendations, what’s “hot” and what’s new plus search by genre and activity all from one screen.

Seeing what is new and fresh has never been easier!


We added a brand new awesome feature called WORKOUT NOW. Just tap on the WORKOUT NOW button from the homepage, and we’ll immediately begin playing something we think you’ll like. Don’t like it? No worries – swipe left and you’ll hear another choice. A quick tip – the more you listen and rate, the better we get at making suggestions.

Now, you’re just one tap away from awesome, curated workout music.

Don’t forget to update your iPhone or Android app now to get these features! And most importantly, let us know how we did – your feedback and suggestions make us who and what we are.  Drop us a line at – we’re always here to hear what you have to say.


Adam, Alex, Alex, Adan, Alden, Eric, Derek, George, Marc & Megan



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19 thoughts on “Simpler, Fresher, Faster for the New Year

  1. Sharon on said:

    I just wish I could get my battery to last longer when I’m streaming rock my run. My last 1/2 marathon my phone died with 3 miles left and I had only listened to rock my run for about 6 miles. You guys do a great job. Thanks

  2. Caroline on said:

    Each remix does not tell me how long it runs for like it did before, therefore I don’t know which one to pick depending on how long I want to run for!

    • Hi Caroline, unfortunately due to licensing changes, we’re unable to show durations of mixes. We have added a new tagging system to help give you more, better choice when selecting mixes. We’ve also ensured that mixes will play back to back rather than stopping after the initial duration. Please feel free to shoot us a note at and we can help you more! Thanks!

  3. I’ve applied the update, but the app crashes every time I open it. Help! I was without my music this morning.

  4. Am I missing the obvious or is it more difficult to tell how long each mix is? I often pick a mix based on the time I anticipate being out for a run. I miss being able to see them length when browsing my favorites.

    • Hi Beth, unfortunately, due to licensing changes, we’re unable to display durations. That’s why we added a complete tagging system and have ensured that mixes will play back to back instead of stopping after their set durations. We understand it may take a bit of getting used to and hope it helps. We’ll be improving it more and more every week!

  5. Extremely Disappointed with adds interruptions. I liked it that there was no interruptions. I consider the changes set back not improvement 😞

    • While we added interruptions, as a free user you now have access to every mix in the RockMyRun catalog. However, there are a couple of issues w/ the way the interruptions are working, so we have issued a promo code that will give you a 1 month upgrade on us. If you use the code BEATFREAK in the app, you’ll be able to get that – no strings attached. Thanks!

  6. Mohammed on said:

    Great improvement! The only failure is I don’t see durations to match my running e.g 30mins,45mins, etc

    • Thanks Mohammad! Unfortunately, due to licensing changes, we’re unable to display durations. That’s why we added a complete tagging system. We understand it may take a bit of getting used to and hope it helps. We’ll be improving it more and more every week!

      • Mohammed on said:

        Suggestion: like the search activity there’s only 5k and marathon.. Please add in 10k or in filter e.g. there’s option to select 5k (30-45mins) 10k (45-75mins) and etc

        *rockmyrun is my number 1 running and music workout, don’t let me leave it*


  7. Lisa L. on said:

    My membership will expire soon. How do I re new? Also how much will it cost?

  8. Jackie Cooke on said:

    I am very disappointed in the new update. I want my group of favorites to play back to back like they use to. Now they just play some random mix that is not even mine. My Membership is up for renewal, if you guys can’t get this to play like it was before I will have to cancel my membership. I have already downloaded a new app that is free for music. I don’t want to leave but this new update does not meet my expectation at all. Fix the back to back play so that I have control of what I am listening to.

    • Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for writing in and for being such a loyal user and ROCKSTAR. We are working on a solution for this, but it will likely take a bit of time to push it out. In the meantime, at any time, you can swipe LEFT on the screen to get to the next mix in your favorites. We know this doesn’t provide exactly what you’re looking for, but hopefully it will make things easier in the meantime.

      Please feel free to shoot us a note at and we can keep you updated on when we expect the feature to be released.


  9. Andi Sherman on said:


    Did the changes include removing the list of songs on each mix? I really liked knowing ahead of time what music I was going to be listening to, now I have to wait and see and I can’t tell if I’m going to like the mix or have to stop and pick a different one.


    • Hi Andi,

      Unfortunately, due to some licensing changes we did need to remove the track listings for each mix. We are still able to display highlighted artists and have added tags to help you find something you’ll like. We apologize for any frustration this change has cause. We hate to remove a feature that our users love, but we want to play by the rules and do right by the artists that produce the content we all love so much.

      Thanks so much for writing in, and feel free to reach out to at any time!

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