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How I Became Chief Rocker of RockMyRun


I love my job. Really, I do! I look forward to getting to the office and knowing that my actions from that day will ultimately help people lead more healthy, active and fit lives.

But, when it comes to actually working out myself…well let’s just say it wasn’t love at first sight.

You see, as a kid I was into computers and gaming—which is a nice way of saying I didn’t lead an active lifestyle and was (as much as I’d like to deny it) a chubby kid. In fact I remember clearly my first mile time in high school: 15:27.

So how did I transition from a chubby kid to the founder and Chief Rocker of a fitness and music app?

After college, I spent years as a club DJ, traveling around and witnessing first hand the powerful effect music – the right music! – could have on people. Eventually the party life wore on me so I went back to school and threw myself into earning an MBA and by 2006 was working at Qualcomm a Fortune 500 technology company. I tried to stay active, but like many people was plagued by a lack of motivation. So in 2008, I decided to kick start my fitness and signed up for a half marathon.

Just as I expect you do, I relied heavily on music to keep me motivated, distracted and moving forward mile after mile.

However during my training I found myself increasingly frustrated by the lack of enjoyment from my running music. Randomly getting a slow tempo song on Pandora or from my own playlist was a motivation killer. Plus the intro and tail of each song felt like they each lasted hours and dampened my attitude.

I thought: There has to be a better way!

I reflected back on my time as a DJ, and how over the course of night I could build the crowd up into a frenzy, by playing the right song at the right tempo at the right time.

So I decided to put my DJ skills to work and for the actual half-marathon, I crafted a DJ-style mix. Every song flowed seamlessly from one to the next and because I had a goal time in mind and I knew from my training when I would need an extra kick of motivation, I tailored my mix with so that it would match how my body would feel.

The mix worked like a charm, and as I crossed the finish line to “All I Do is Win” blasting through my headphones, I felt invincible! I never would have thought that the chubby computer-nerd kid who had a 15+ minute mile time in high school could run a 1:50 half-marathon.

It was that moment that spawned the RockMyRun you know and love today. The idea that the right music, at the right time, played the right way, can help people accomplish goals they never thought possible is what drives me every day.

Well, that’s my story… but I want to leave you with one final note. Whether you’re a 10x marathoner or this is your first day working on you, it’s never too late to start enjoying fitness more. That’s our aim with RockMyRun and we’re excited to join you during your next workout!

Do you have a story to tell? I’d love to hear it and so would my team. Send it to We’d love to know more about your journey.

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82 thoughts on “How I Became Chief Rocker of RockMyRun

  1. damien turner on said:

    hello adam i like what you have done for people and the music you have done aswell ive used this before and i thought it was great and i was letting people no about this app ive down load it again but it will only work with wifi is there any way you can get it with out wifi but the app is great would tell everybody too download it thanks

    • Damien – RockMyRun will work with 3G as well, but it does require data to use. Like Pandora and others, RockMyRun is a streaming music app. Hope this helps!

    • Andrena on said:

      Hi Chief Rocker, I love what you have introduced to all of us fitness experts that need excellent music like this. living in Marrakech sometimes can be a little difficult when searching for good motivating music for my clients. Thank you, thank you please keep going and keep smiling we love it.

  2. Amanda on said:

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the mix. I’ve spent so long downloading running trax that just don’t cut it and the predictability of what I might here from my own music list is what made me choose your app.
    I have recently started to run and really need that musical inspiration. I donned my headphones and selected your PULSE mix not knowing what to expect at is was exactly what was needed from start to finish. Good job!! A x

  3. I thank you for your kindness of the message you have given me.i hope to have more nice songs from you.

  4. Loved reading your story! I think rock my run is a fabulous app, yet I haven’t quite found my genre…I’ve tried various ones but need more of artists like Ed Sheeren, Jack Johnson, Phillip Philips, Maroon 5, Dave Mathews, John Mayer, Passenger…I guess, one would have to say softer, or indie…thanks for listening!

    • We don’t have a ton of mixes with those artists as most of the mixes tend be higher energy. But we always love hearing what people would like to hear! I’ll let our head of music know to incorporate more of these artists into our mixes. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Barbara Simoncini on said:

    I just love the right music for a run or workout on my elliptical machine and with every new day there is a different mood. You got it right and its so easy. Thank you!

  6. My trainer suggested this app – I am training for my first half marathon. I LOVE it-thank you sooo much!!!

  7. I just found the app and love it already! I went for a run yesterday and found that the right music definitely sets the mood! Thanks for such a great app! (I also like that I don’t know a lot of songs in some of the mixes, introduces me to new music too!)

  8. hello adam I write from poland casually my team run a marathon this weekend We are looking for something to keep us on rhythm to everyone equally and we found ROCKMYRUN is fantastic we are already testing 🙂 We will keep you informed about the result of the marathon

  9. Absolutely love the mixes on this app. I was listening to a few last night and I was motivated to run right then and there but it was 11pm and running outside would have not been the greatest idea. Can’t wait to test it out later today!

  10. Bobby Leseman on said:

    I have to have good music to run to or I can’t do it, plain and simple. Love your app, love the wide variety of music, and I’ll spread the word!

  11. I’ve tested it today. It simply ROCKS!, Great mixes! I’ve found mixes with exactly the kind of music I like… Adam, you go places!

  12. Melcha on said:

    I am so motivated by the music, it’s perfectly timed to give you that boost when you need it the most! Love the app. Could you try to incorporate a few more classical based mixes? Thank you for the music:)

  13. Thank you for creating this motivational FREE app. I have just started to train for my first half marathon ( with no running
    Experience) and I also find that the constant switching thru songs while trying to run or getting that perfect stride going just to have a slower song pop up kills the mojo. I’m excited to explore all my options on the app and
    Can’t wait to send you my victory photo with my music going with my stride 🙂 .. Happy Gurl, Angie 🙂

  14. Robin Graine on said:

    So much fun. This is just what I’ve been hoping for. Finally heard every song on Pandora in my 100 stations and couldn’t stand it anymore. Nothing quite right. Thank you, Rock My Run!

  15. Love this app! I like that I can choose a different genre each time if I want and the music stays on tempo! I am going from being an on/off runner to a goal of running 1000 miles this year! I am going to need this app for sure! Thank you for offering a Free version!!

    • Wow! That is one BHAG! Good for you and thanks for taking us along for the miles! Do us a favor and please post your progress to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. We would LOVE to keep up with how you’re doing!

  16. RockMyRun now blasts through IFit on my NordicTrack……..SAWEEEEET!!! Thanks this makes it all the easier with a library full of the best mixes and jams.

  17. Christine on said:

    Dear Adam, thank you for sharing your story with us. It makes you real, raw and inspiring. I’m coming out of a three year break down and have finally got to the stage that I need to love myself more to continue my recovery from a life changing major event. I’ve jumped hoops with my emotional wellbeing but haven’t looked after my physical health for quiet some time. Now is my time and I now hv faith that your fab music and beat will help me get there… My first goal is to begin with half a marathon.. as was yours. I know I can also do it. Thanks for being so clever coming up with this concept and for sharing your passion to help inspire others. Mental and physical wellness creates ultimately wholeness.. Cheers! I’ll see you at the finish line 👍💕

  18. Iam really enjoying rock my run. Lol even though I do not run. It has kept me motivated an helped me stay on my elyptical longer and then I do a floor routine after that I can hardly believe how much inspiration it supplies….Thank you, so glad I made this fantastic discovery at 55 I am finally embracing fitness! 🙂

  19. Nicole on said:

    Good afternoon!
    Got the recommendation from my brother out on the east coast to check out your app. Love it! Downloaded it, put it on while getting ready for the gym, did my track run and stairmaster… And recommended the app to friends in Chicago (where I’m from), friends in San Jose and a group at the gym.
    So glad my brother tuned me in!
    Keep it up!

  20. Stephanie on said:

    I googled music to run to and your ad popped up so I subscribed and I am so thankful I did ! It made me not want to stop my run and I want to go back every day just to listen to it !! It motivates me beyond belief !! Thank you so much !!!

    • meghanbrohoski11 on said:

      We are so glad you did too and are happy to hear RockMyRun is motivating you to power through your workouts 🙂 Thank YOU for giving us a try!

  21. Kathy on said:

    I read about this app from my Weight Watchers magazine. Can’t wait to try it! Listening to music while I’m out walking or exercising at the gym not only motivates me but let’s me “get out of my head” for a time. I’m excited to hear new music instead of my usual playlist.

    • meghanbrohoski11 on said:

      Have you been able to give us a try yet!? We couldn’t agree more. Music is the best escape and motivation 🙂

  22. I just took my first run using the app. I love the available variety. Using other apps like Pandora I was constantly hitting the “next” button. With Rock my Run I was able to focus on the run instead of trying to find the right song.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    • meghanbrohoski11 on said:

      We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying the music! Our goal is to keep you moving and motivated, so you can focus on your workout :). Rock on!

  23. Angela Dobai on said:

    Hello Adam,and RockmyRunning Team!

    I’ve started to use this app only a week ago,but I already adore it! I just simply can’ t imagine my workout without using it.
    Go ahead, you are awesome!

    Wish the best for you guys !!!


  24. Adam 🙂 Wow this has been the best motivating app with music that gets me so pumped. I can’t ever imagine not using it while I exercise. On the days I feel sluggish, I juse turn to the rockmyrun music and it really gets me going. Thank you so much for your great work:)

  25. Great app used it only once but look forward to checking out the different genres and seeing which one inspires me to keep moving the most.

  26. Kimberly Manwarren on said:

    The best invention since sliced bread, but I don’t eat bread, so the best thing since the invention of google! 😉 I’ve been looking for exactly this. Thank God my trainer told me about it. I’m sure I will tell everyone about this app!!!

  27. Erin Williams on said:

    Hi Adam and the Rock My Run Team,

    Awesome idea! I found the same problems that you were having I also had with Pandora or my own playlist. Hearing commercials are waiting for the next song was depressing when you’re running-I know that some people do not like music in their ears while they are running- I rely on music to run it motivates me and keeps me running.Excellent app thank you for making it.Ive lost 28 pounds on my weight losd journey and I need to lose 30 more.Im 41 years old and I know I can do it and thank god I know how because truly thats the hard part. I downloaded this app 2 days ago and Ive ran 2 miles each day with it and I love it!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORY ADAM🌞

  28. I just got back into training again and discovered Rock My Run… I love it! It give me motivation that I was lacking. Some days it is hard to get myself in gear. Thanks for keeping me going.

  29. Hi Adam! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to your work! Your app is simply amazing!! I used to be barely able to run even 1km 😂😂 your music has enabled us “unfit” people to run much more than we ever thought we could 🙂 thank you so much!!!!!

    • You’re so welcome Jen. Keep up the great work! If you keep at it, you’ll feel sooo good as you continue to set new records for yourself. It can be challenging, but it’s so worth it.

  30. Andrea on said:

    First time I used it was yesterday and loved it. Tuned into Prince music and nailed my workout like never before. Hoping to reach my weightless goal by Aug for my 38th class reunion and to get on the road for a healthier lifestyle.

    • Great to hear you nailed your workout Andrea :). Love that you have a specific goal in mind – that is SO key to being successful! Thanks for letting us provide the soundtrack to your goal 🙂

  31. Tammara Young on said:

    I downloaded it yesterday and played with it for about an hour! Can’t wait to use during my workout! This is genius! Awesome design and has a great feel to it. I love the different mixes! And my favorite part… it being seamless thru each song! Like I said, genius!!

    • Thank you Tamara! I hope you’ve had a chance to get out there and use it. The seamless part really makes a difference and wouldn’t be possible without all the talented DJ’s who contribute to our service. Big shout out and thank you to them!

  32. Julia on said:

    I’m loving this app. My music on my phone is dire, even I’m tired of it! I ran this morn with the app playing and did my fastest time (I’m not a great runner but I m trying ). Loved it, why did it not show when I searched for running music a few months ago! Couple of running friends are going to give it a go now to. Thank you Adam

    • You’re welcome Julia! Keep up the great work and remember that it’s not about being a great runner – it’s about getting out there consistently and being the best YOU that you can be 🙂

  33. MARCIA BROWN on said:

    Best. App. Ever!!

  34. Emily on said:

    Your app is just awesome. I was hooked from the beginning. I hate switching channels during my runs. Oh, SDSU, aztecs for life.

  35. Just discoverd the app and I love it. ❤ Thank you so much . And yes I'm sharing the knowledge. Have a lot of followers, just putting them up to date to join in 😉

  36. Roxanne on said:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m so happy that you took the time to make an app that helps people stay motivated when they run. I started to notice at track and cross country practice I would often times get bored when I was running the long distance,usually around the three mile mark and it made it hard to keep pushing myself to not give up. I downloaded rock my run recently and I’m still figuring out all the different choices,I haven’t found a track that is perfect,but all the ones I have tried keep me going and have made running easy and enjoyable.

  37. Linda Dupart on said:

    thank you so much for sending the email thank you and for attaching the link to see you and your inspiring story. It is such a blessing to see you and know that an active life is doable with great music. I know color/race shouldn’t matter but most times it does. To see a man of color founding Rock my Run makes my heart proud and it says anything (great things) are possible. I will use this app even the more. May you be blessed and thank you again. Looking forward to a more active life with Rock My Run and I will tell all my family and friends about this helpful tool towards great fitness.

  38. This app is recommended on Run,Zombies! Another great running app…together they are great!

  39. Melissa on said:

    Aloha Adam,
    I enjoyed reading your story. I recently downloaded your app– honestly just to see what it had to offer. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! My son loves how you can change the tempo. And, I can’t wait to start training for my 1st half marathon!

  40. Dear Adam…YOU…DONE…GOOD! Grandma Lisa is off the couch working out again. Thank You!!!

  41. Love your story, Adam! Unfortunately, I cannot anymore due to a new titanium knee “installed” this May. And now I have a broken ankle! BUT, I can still pedal a bike, so Ivam going to use your app to listen while I ride instead! Thanks for the motivation! Happy holidays!

  42. Miriam on said:


  43. Adam!!! Amazing. My favorite app by far. Nothing is worse than being tired of your music or Pandora and worse, having it demotivate you during work outs. This makes not want to stop running. Enjoy!

  44. Judy on said:

    I LOVE your app. Lots of great songs, easy to use, and reasonably priced. Thank you!!

  45. Nikki on said:

    Thank you for doing this! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. I don’t like to exercise and music gets me motivated, if it’s the right kind and you’ve done that! I worked out for 20 Minutes yesterday and didn’t even realize it! I’m usually watching the clock waiting for my time to be up! Maybe I can pull off 30 minutes today. 🤗

  46. Nancy Cox on said:

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Motivated by the great mixes that me pumped for my high intensity classes. The better the music the greater the workout. Thank you! Keep on rockin!!!

  47. Vicky Ring on said:

    I’m really motivated by this app I do it w my app C25K and it is a motivation beyond measure!! I have always been a little chunky but when my dr said I was morbidly obese my heart sank… I would never consider myself that but it made me think and my older sisters who have always been bigger than me had weight loss surgery after losing so much on her her own before that is now smaller than me and is handing me her old clothes it definitely dug at me so I’m motivated for a life change.. thank you for sharing your story hope it inspires more people in the same way!!!

  48. bella on said:

    This app is amazing😝

  49. Jodi on said:

    I enjoyed reading your article. It is very motivating. Congratulations on your success and helping others be successful!

  50. Mickey on said:

    Really cool story, Adam! It is inspiring to hear the story of a DJ->business person->runner, and now combining all three passions into one to benefit others!

    • Thanks Mickey! I certainly feel lucky to have had this opportunity and am thankful everyday for folks like you that have been willing to give RockMyRun a shot! 🙂

  51. I started 8 weeks ago to get 5K in 45 minutes. I am doing High Intense Interval Training about a year, but I don’t feel the change. I get more muscles, but my health doesn’t improve. Last Saturday I was exercising for my big test that happened on Wednesday and I flipped my foot, bad. Wednesday came around, I got my foot taped in, took a nurse to the exam to run with me, and finished in 37 minutes. I was so proud of myself. I am so proud. Resting my foot for a minimum of 2 weeks now, because running with it, was very stupid, but I am motivated for the first time in a long time to be healthier. I just joined Jolt today, he is a funny and loving bot. 🙂 Love him already. Thank you for your great music that keeps me happy while running.

  52. You seem like a nice man that is warm and friendly. Best of luck with this app. So far so good!

  53. Music is so motivating and you provide some of the best mixes I’ve ever heard 🙂 Very motivating!

  54. Hi Adam,
    I literally found your app the night before a 5K race. With the help of your music app, I rocked the race! Thank you for putting this app together. I love it and will continue to use it on all my runs and races. So glad I found it. Thank you!!

  55. Love the genesis … and the creation…..

  56. Beth Sickles on said:

    Love the app! It does get you up and moving! 🤗

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