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Wednesday Workout: Reverse Ladder

Winter weather forcing you to skip out on your beloved outdoor workouts? Don’t fret, simply keep on reading for a rockin’ treadmill workout called the Reverse Ladder (and some RockMyRun mix pairings!), that will have you feeling like you’re back outdoors!

begin_final copy

int_final copyadvnaced_final copy

Need some music to go along with these workouts? Check out the RockMyRun mixes Momentum Gain and 80s Fun Run—both build in BPM overtime and this should match nicely as your workout builds in intensity!

MomentumGain_545x324 (3)


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One thought on “Wednesday Workout: Reverse Ladder

  1. Awesome breakdown of reverse ladder rates based on proficiency– would be awesome if this also include a reverse ladder how-to guide for those just breaking into the fitness scene as well.

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