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Meet Ben Wagner, runner & CEO at LifeKraze

Ben Wagner

  • 1) How long have you classified yourself as a “runner” (or do you?)

In fourth grade I was an average “recess athlete” compared to the rest of my class and then we did the mile run for the presidential fitness test and I came in second. After that I started waking up and waiting for the microwave clock to hit 7:00 and then would run a mile loop as fast as possible to see how fast I could go. I loved running as training, specifically for soccer and basketball, but it wasn’t until October of 2012 that I began classifying myself as a runner.

  • 2) How often do you run weekly/monthly?

At the peak of training for a race, nearly every day.

  • 3) In which conditions you prefer to run (time in the day, indoors/outdoors…)?

Never been able to do treadmills. Partly due to enjoying running in “the elements” and partly due to ADD. Also, I don’t completely understand them either…same goes for ellipticals.

Love going out early in the morning or late at night, just depends on the day.

  • 4) What running accomplishment are you most proud of? Or what is your best running experience?

Running four marathons in eight weeks all under the Boston qualifying time is an accomplishment I’m proud of….oh and also setting a world record for the world’s longest high-five! (Video:

My best experience was the second half of my first marathon. Ran into some trouble (get it?) early on and then came back in the final 13.1 to grab a second place overall.

Ben Wagner

  • 5) Do you have any running-related goals for 2013? If so what are you plans for reaching them?

The Plan:
Identify and fully commit to a training regime and help others with their goals.

The Goals:
1) Don’t be a selfish runner.
2) Go on a run with twenty-three new people (We’re at nine so far!)
3) Improve nutrition plan pre-race and during races.
4) Run a sub 4:30 mile on June 22nd and a sub 2:45 marathon on October 13th….weird that the marathon time is faster than the mile time
5) Have a conversation with Bill Rodgers, four time Boston Marathon champion.

  • 6) Since you started running, what is the biggest change in yourself, either physical or emotional that you’ve noticed?

Taking a training mindset into other aspects of my life has been by far one of the most rewarding things running has given me. So much of training is about finding the right balance, when to focus on speed, when to focus on strength, and when to recover. Along with that is the proper planning and goal setting that comes with racing. Striking that balance with running and setting those plans and goals has helped my focus in other areas of life.

  • 7) What motivates you to run?

The pursuit of becoming a great runner and the desire to not be a needy one.
Running can a selfish or selfless act. It’s not how we go about it that matters but why we go about it.

  • 8) What kind of music inspires you while running?

I like running to classical music on recovery runs and with music around a 130 BPM on easy tempo runs. If we’re really getting after it though, I’ll drop the buds.

  • 9) What one tip would you share with runners everywhere if you could?

Love to run. Don’t run to be loved.

  • 10) How do you squeeze running time into your schedule?

Hmmm…I don’t really think of it as part of my schedule. At this point, it’s just a habit. If anything gets cut out of the day for running it’s sleep, in the morning or at night.

  • 11) What words would you use to describe how you feel while running?

Love / Kindness / Control / Beauty
Was that last one weird? Hmmm…maybe. Oh well, I like it. Beauty!

  • 12) How do you fight that “I don’t want to run today” feeling?

When that happens, it’s all about recalling the rewarding feeling you get after every run.

  • 13) How do you power through tough stretches of a run?

Those are the best parts. I just smile.

  • 13.1) Which RockMyRun mixes truly rock your runs?

Time Warp (130 BPM) and Full Blast (137 BPM) – Great for steady tempo runs!
Halloween Party Run – It was just awesome to run around in October with the themed music. One of my all time faves, feet down!

Ben Wagner

Be sure to check out Ben and Rock My Run on the LifeKraze App now being featured in the Apple App Store or at!

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