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Rocking & Giving – Our Partnership with Plan G

At RockMyRun we realize that often running and giving go hand in hand. After all most races have a charity sponsor, right?


So thanks to a partnership with our friends at plan G, we’re making it easier to do both! With our new partnership if you buy an annual Membership from you will receive $5 to give to the charity of your choice. So not only do you get access to all our great running mixes for the next 12 months, you can give back at the same time to any of the 1 million charities in the U.S!

This is made possible by the amazing service provided by plan G. They enable a powerful giving community that provides a space where giving is easy!

The best news is that the $5 giveaway is super easy to use: After your purchase of (or upgrade to) the annual membership on, you’ll receive an email from plan G with your account information. Follow the steps in that email and you’ll be making a difference to the charity of your choice AND have great music from great DJ’s for rocking your runs year round.


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