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The Deal with Credits

While we have implemented a number of features on Rock My Run since our beta launch, our credit system probably requires the most explanation.  In the post I’ll explain what they are, why we implemented it and how it helps benefit you as a Run Rocker.

What are Credits?

Great question! Credits are our form of currency that allow you to download our awesome, made-for-running mixes.  Think of them like you would a pay-per-view movie:  When you buy a pay-per-view movie, you aren’t buying the movie itself, you are buying access to the movie for a period of time.  With Rock My Run credits, you aren’t buying a mix, you are buying access to our servers and bandwidth for a period of time to download a mix to your computer.

How do credits work?

As you browse through our mixes you’ll see that each mix has a credit cost associated with it.  When you find one you want to try you’ll see either “Download Now!” if you have enough credits to download the mix or “Purchase Credits to Download” if you don’t have enough.

You’ll then be prompted to use your existing credits or purchase more in order to download the mix.

Where can I find out how many credits I have?

In the top right of the screen you should see your credit balance along with a link to your profile page.  On your profile page you can see your transaction history as well as all the mixes you’ve downloaded.

Why did you introduce credits?

We desperately want to expand what we can do to energize and empower runners.  From mobile apps to specialized mixes we have lots of great ideas on how we can get even better at helping you achieve your running & fitness goal.

Expansion, though, requires resources and it turns out it’s not cheap to host and deliver large files. The credit system allows us to be able to cover our costs and continue to expand.  Plus using credits lets us do things like reward our users for accomplishing their stated goals, talking about us on Facebook & Twitter or just for being awesome.

How many credits are required to download a mix?

Different mixes will cost different credits to download because the longer the mix, the larger the file and hence more expensive to host and transfer. To help keep it simple we’ve put mixes into three buckets:

Mixes less than an hour: 1 credit

Mixes an hour or longer but less than two hours: 2 credits

Mixes 2 hours or longer: 3 credits

How can I get credits?

It all starts when you register: When you sign up, you earn 1 free credit you can use to download a mix. This helps you get a feel for the power that a DJ-create running music mix can do for your energy and motivation.

Then you get 1 free credit a month (30 days after you signed up).  So if you only need a mix every now and then to keep you going, you can use the service 100% free of charge.

You can also purchase additional credits in packs of 1,2,3 and 5

Do my credits ever expire?

Your credits are good for one year from the day you get them.

What’s your refund policy?

If you use a credit to download a mix and it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a refund of the credits you used. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on the credits you purchased at this time.

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